7 ways to keep your funders excited

Do you know what funders want most? They want tangible results they can see and understand. They also want to feel like they are part of your vision. After all, they are helping you reach your goals. To be proactive and help funders feel engaged with your organization’s mission, you don’t need to hand them […]

Vendors for Good: the nFocus Story

This entry was originally published on November 17, 2014 on the Markets for Good blog. In the early ’90s, I owned a company that raised money for nonprofit organizations. The work was exciting and gratifying. Success was measured by whether I reached my fundraising target, and I was successful at it. One day I received […]

5 Strategies You Need to Ensure a Smooth IT Transition

What you need to know to make a solid IT change management plan When was the last time you were actually excited about a new update for your operating system? For both organizations and people change can be terrifying to face, difficult to adapt to and full of unexpected complications. This is particularly true when change […]

The Clash of Tactical and Enterprise

5 reasons why your public safety solution needs both Powerful Greek gods inspire strong imagery. Intense and powerful, they all resided in some faraway place called Mount Olympus. You had Zeus, god of the sky and overall ruler; Poseidon, Zeus’s brother and god of the sea, as well as a number of other gods and […]

“Try to serve the same kids for multiple years. You really get better with each year, and a child will do much better in the long term if they have that kind of consistent support.”

National Summer Learning Association